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Questions to Ask in a Design House Interview

I’ve been on the design house scene for the better part of a year now. As a new team member joins the company today, it brings to mind some questions I wish I would have asked prospective employers during my interview:

  • How often do developers get new workstations?
  • Do your devs have dual HD monitors?
  • How would you rate your office internet access on a scale of 1-10?
  • What does the process of reporting weekly time look like? Can I watch someone enter their time right now?
  • What versioning system will I be required to use for each project, if any?
  • What training & professional development resources do you offer? Does this include attending conferences?
  • Do I have the option of working on a Mac or are you PC only?
  • Can I speak with your best developer about the competency of your team on the whole?
  • When is the last time someone was fired, and what were they fired for?
  • Can you give a synopsis of the best project and worst project of this past year, and how they earned their titles?

Anyone else have questions they would have asked?


Here is another gem – “Describe a time when one of your teams┬ámade a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain?


Enter Computer Science I:

*Walks into classroom, sees code written on chalkboard*
“hmm, looks like recursion”
*sits down, sees teacher walk into classroom*
Teacher: “hmmm, looks like someone’s teaching recursion.”
Other student: “Probably Dr. Blythe.”


I love computer science.



Thoughts on Computer Science II

This week in Computer Science II has been an eventful one. On Monday, there was the first test. A test that I had forgotten about until a classmate walked into the room at 10:56am proclaiming “y’all ready for that test?”. I was not ready, nor had I studied even a little bit. Apprehension would be an understatement. Much to my elation, however, the test was a review of CS I material. Even completely muffing the extra credit by misreading the question, I managed a perfect score, which makes me happy. :)

In Wednesday’s class, two noteworthy things happened. The teacher stupified me and a portion of the other class by posing the question, “on which date did you learn algebra?”. Her point was related somehow, but I have forgotten. The question though is fun to pose to math majors I have discovered. Secondly, the annoying kid in the class exhibited behavior that made me say under my breath, ‘I think he’s going to torch the place someday’. Immediately, I realized thankfully that he wouldn’t be capable of carrying that out since he isn’t capable of making it to class on time, ever. On a less creepy note, I am looking forward to what Friday’s class has to offer: lab day and I have the work 97% finished. :)