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Groupon is bad at lying

It seems Groupon is a horde of liars. I’ve compared the ‘total value’ price on multiple offers and found each one to be inflated. Consider this offer on an AB ‘Beer School’ brewery tour

groupon beer school offer
Groupon beer school offer

Two tickets and a $15 credit at the gift shop for $44 dollars with a $68 total value listed. However, buying this straight from the Budweiser tour website

Same offer, right from the seller

would look like this:

$15 x 2 (tickets) + $15 (gift shop) = $45

Groupon advertises I would save $24 when I would only save $1. Unacceptable.

Questions to Ask in a Design House Interview

I’ve been on the design house scene for the better part of a year now. As a new team member joins the company today, it brings to mind some questions I wish I would have asked prospective employers during my interview:

  • How often do developers get new workstations?
  • Do your devs have dual HD monitors?
  • How would you rate your office internet access on a scale of 1-10?
  • What does the process of reporting weekly time look like? Can I watch someone enter their time right now?
  • What versioning system will I be required to use for each project, if any?
  • What training & professional development resources do you offer? Does this include attending conferences?
  • Do I have the option of working on a Mac or are you PC only?
  • Can I speak with your best developer about the competency of your team on the whole?
  • When is the last time someone was fired, and what were they fired for?
  • Can you give a synopsis of the best project and worst project of this past year, and how they earned their titles?

Anyone else have questions they would have asked?


Here is another gem – “Describe a time when one of your teams┬ámade a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain?

A Maxim on Missouri Weather

Here we are in March, in Missouri. We’ve seen the whole gamut of weather – rain, sun, snow, warm, cold, windy, and thunderstorms. It is months like these that I am glad I live in a state with violent weather mood swings. It creates a stronger community than places with picture-perfect weather all the time have. What I mean by that is due to the extra effort we have to take to deal with the weather here, people are brought together by a common circumstance. For example, this weekend at work (Costco Wholsale) I was outside of the building while the temperature was falling and winds were picking up. While waiting for a customer to pull their car around so I could help them load their order, Another customer who was also waiting made a comment about the weather. “So much for the Sun from last week.” Immediately we began chatting about weather ironies and I discovered snow was in the evening’s forcast as well. The conversation was actually one of the highlights of my day considering work was particularly uneventful. Furthering my example, the next day’s snow was the hot topic on Facebook statuses for a good 10 hours.
In Computer Science II of all places, I heard an interesting maxim about March weather in Missouri (actually, I am beginning to expect random things in that class). “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” How fitting.


The 2nd 1st post

No blog is complete without the This-is-why-i’m-here post. So here it is. I have created this blog for purposes of learning the basics, advanced features, and nuances of the WordPress platform. Originally a non-public space, I have decided instead to share my thoughts with whomever cares to read them. :)