Epic Swing Combo

Swing Dance Video (Flash)

This is a video of Ally and I one night at Lindenwood’s Swing Dance Club. The moves excluding basic steps and turns are:

  1. Pretzel (twice)
  2. Sliding Doors
  3. Tandem Charleston
  4. Air Guitar
  5. Boogie Swivels
  6. Floor Slide
  7. Mop
  8. Humiliation
  9. Freestyle
  10. Airplane
  11. Side Flip
  12. Around the World (twice)
  13. Shoot the Moon
  14. Cliffhanger
  15. Pancake (low)
  16. Pancake (high)
  17. Dip over knee
  18. Cradle Flip
  19. more random stuff
The songs are ‘DC-10’┬áby Audio Adrenaline and ‘Mr. Pinstripe Suit’ by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. We didn’t practice or rehearse this routine. It was more of a “hey, we should record all the moves we learned this semester”. Thus, every few moves you can see me pulling out a notebook on which all the moves are written. Also the few moves we messed up.
More to come.


2 thoughts on “Epic Swing Combo

  1. Hey Daniel!

    Dude, sweet moves on that swing dance video. I now know what a Side Flip is supposed to look like. Kayle and I tried it a few times, and it nearly ripped my arm off. ;) I know see we were doing it wrong. lol

    Anyway, just thought I’d check out your site. It’s very well done! I’m guessing you did this yourself in an HTML editor? I downloaded Komposer to change a few things here and there, but I don’t really know what I’m doing.

    But yes, you’re site is clean man!

    Alright, have a good one

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