A tale of music lost and found

In the bleak winter days of February, I was looking forward to the new release of RED’s album. Until We Have Faces, namely. My favorite band was about to add a colorful burst of excitement to my life. So, a journey to the Best Buy was in order. I traveled to the store and scoured the shelves to find the (bright) red RED album. Alas! it was not there. I tracked down the nearest employee by the name of Jarrod (or perhaps Jeremy) for assistance. After minutes of looking in all the places I looked, he said he would check in back. Previously working in a retail tech store, I knew this was code for ‘We’ve lost our inventory, but I am going to try and appease you’. Expectedly, there was none of the ’12 in stock’ to be found in back.

Aftrer that epic fail, I decided to purchase the new Deadmau5 album, 4×4=12. It turns out, it was a good purchase. My favorite songs so far include Some Chords, Sofi Needs a Ladder, and Bad Selection. I would highly recommend this album to any club music fan who enjoys the occasional techno/trance.


The 2nd 1st post

No blog is complete without the This-is-why-i’m-here post. So here it is. I have created this blog for purposes of learning the basics, advanced features, and nuances of the WordPress platform. Originally a non-public space, I have decided instead to share my thoughts with whomever cares to read them. :)

Would You Rather?

While enjoying my college experience, I have come to enjoy the game of “would you rather”. Here are a few stellar questions that I have come across.

  • Would you rather eat a can of green beans or a can of pineapple for lunch?
  • Would you rather have to sneak past 3 alligators or 1 mountain lion?
  • Would you rather take all science classes or all math classes?

Let me know what you think.