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View of a busy day

With Sibley Day over, a decent recap of the day’s events is in order – even if just for my own sanity.

The day began 8:30 without breakfast (thanks pfoodman), followed by a semi-professional photoshoot starring me. I needed a nice professional headshot and luckily a budding photography student needed help in web design class. The trade worked very well. After that, I went to the video lab and finished an editing exercise for video production class. Immediately after that, a highly interesting keynote speaker on the future of robotics and swarm robot technology. Apart from being scared of an A.I. planet takeover and the infamous ‘three law safe’ idea, there were some interesting bits involving distributed algorithms and honey bee-like robots.

After a mediocre lunch (thanks pfoodman) I was called into work (Wilson Monnig) and did some web design for about four hours. After that, a disappointing dinner (thanks pfoodman) and some storyboarding for my continuity project in video production. At 7:00pm, I met with a classmate and we filmed my project and then hers – 3.5 hours well spent. Getting back to the dorm, I forced myself to finish, no, tweak is the better word, my website project for interactive web development. If you would like to see that it is danielhoenes.com

Yaay Sibley.


Anticipating Sibley Day

It’s that time of year again – Sibley Day. An invented school holiday in which regular classes are replaced with speakers, sessions, activities, and etc. Many students take the day to do nothing since Lindenwood doesn’t observe a handful of other holidays, President’s Day being the nearest one on student’s minds.

This Sibley Day, some things are the same – lame t-shirt, extra credit opportunities, cold weather. Some things are different however. There are exciting things to do! A keynote speaker on the future of robotics, a presentation on historical American dancing, a showing of 2012, and for me, a photoshoot and a video production project shooting.

here’s to it,