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Sidewalk Patterns

Patterns permeate private universities. Especially when you take the time to notice them. More so when you are detail-oriented and enjoy finding patterns.

This morning, as with every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I passed a friend on the sidewalk while I was going from one building to another. Seeing said friend regularly is nice. I look for a black coat, see her at 10 yards, high-five at passing, and chuckle afterwords. Today however, I arrived at my building of destination and had not seen my friend. The puzzled look on my face dissolved when I looked up and saw her 10 yards away. We of course stopped and commented on meeting in a different place, and then high-fived. :)

Perhaps I like patterns in the daily grind because there is a sense of security in knowing what to expect all day. I even create patterns and stick to them just because. When getting dinner in the cafeteria, I usually have a tuna sandwich on wheat with swiss cheese. By ‘usually’, I mean ‘so often that the deil-counter girl no longer asks me what I would like at the counter, but just hands me two slices of swiss and smiles’. And yes, that is usually the highlight of my dinner.

Whether out of necessity, circumstance, or created for the fun of it – here’s to all your sidewalk patterns.